email marketing

You get loads of emails each day from people around the world. Good ones and bad ones. But which emails do you open?

Create cost effective marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most cost effective method of online marketing there is. It is free to collect names of people who come to your site and you can easily and quickly send out a newsletter whenever you wish.

Today's software comes with added benefits so you can track exactly who has click through to you site.

Set up your own email marketing

  • Add a sign up box onto your website
  • Send email campaigns
  • Manage the effectiveness of the campaigns

    You can do all of this with a company call constant contact. They offer the following:

  • Free use up to 60 days/ 100 subscribers
  • Free forever if you never reach 100 subscribers
  • Excellent templates to structure your newsletter
  • HTML or text
  • Impressive statistics so you can improve your success

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