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Write your marketing plan with this powerful marketing plan package specially developed by marketing professionals for the small business owner.

Everything is here to save you time and start your marketing plan whatever industry you are in; and you also receive additional free extras to finalise your own unique plan.

You need and easy and fast method to undertake this work

Since 1988 I have developed marketing plans for large multinational organisations such as DHL, American Express, SN Brussels Airlines and hundreds of small businesses.

Marketing in a nutshell is to "identify and satisfy customer needs". They are the ones that pay the bills and allow you to develop your business. You need to fully understand what people want and why they will buy your product or service.

I put this marketing plan guide together to help any small business develop the right effective marketing plan in an easy to follow and understand guide.

"This is excellent and informative but concise, suggestions are obviously educated but avoid jargon and the template, marketing advice and samples are great.

Thanks for providing a site that actually supplies what it said it would, how refreshing! "

John Harding, UK

Find new customers with your marketing plan

Learn how to undertake the following on your business:

What customers are the most profitable to target

Which of your products to target to which group of customers

Where to undertake communication to your target audience

The one thing you must do to have the most effective communications - if you don't do this you may as well give up as no one will buy from you

An analysis of your business and its strengths to clarify what you're offering

A great way to design your messages

The easy way to get loads of free publicity

A template to format your new marketing plan

How to spot new market opportunities

How even the most mature businesses and oldest trades can still grow - I'll show you how

Examples to stimulate your ideas

To make your marketing plan really easy to construct I include over 250 real life examples to stimulate your ideas and strategic thinking so you can get the most out of your business. Here's what my customers are saying about my Marketing Plan Guide:

From D.Murray whose business has benefited from a marketing plan:

'It is hard to find specific directional tools for developing marketing plans. Your marketing guide was well designed and helped identify areas of focus. The practical tips helped the most.'

I would recommend Teneric products to those needing help to develop a marketing plan.

If you are new to marketing or just need to know how to target your customers correctly with the right messages to entice them to buy your products or services or simply need an easy method to put an effective plan together then you need my marketing plan guide!.

Even more ideas to bring you more profits

If you order today you'll also receive these two essential guides packed full of ideas and marketing help to ensure your business provides you maximum profits

BONUS 1 - Sample business and marketing plan

This is a real plan for a real company. Use it to check that you are on the right track and to learn from what other small businesses are doing.

BONUS 2 - 25 proven ways to get more customers

Once you have decided upon your plan of action you'll need to communicate your company effectively to your customers. Here are 25 proven methods that are really low cost that you can put into place right away.

BONUS 3 - How to brand and communicate your company

How you position and communicate your company is key to successful marketing. I'll take you through how you can put in place simple ideas to outsmart your competitors.

All these bonuses are included when you order today

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Marketing Plan Guide
  • Step by step guide to write a winning marketing plan
  • Over 250 real life examples
  • 82 A4 pages packed with the exact information you need

The marketing bonus products
  • Sample business & marketing plan for a real company
  • 25 proven marketing strategies for your business for no cost at all

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