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Marketing is perhaps the least understood element of business success and involves much more than advertising on Television. The best definition of marketing is "to identify and satisfy customer needs at a profit". In simply terms this means providing products or services to a group of customers that have a need that your product or service satisfies.

It's no good just have one customer with that need - you need hundreds, if not thousands to ensure you have a long term profit plan and business.

What's in a marketing plan ?

A marketing plan is similar to a business plan if your business is marketing led - which most should be. The key elements in your document should cover your product mission, your objectives, strategies and individual tactics and plans. Most important is your ability to deliver so a SWOT analysis should cover this important part.

With this in mind we have put together highly rated guides and plans that are easy to follow, easy to use, will generate more customers and have no hidden extras and are packed with marketing ideas.

About our marketing guides

You need to ensure every element is structured correctly and ultimately have a plan that you can follow and update as your business progresses. We have a selection of ready made marketing plans that have every section completed for various industries.

This means you can simply add in your own details and your plan is ready. All plans include customer and market research, SWOT analysis, tactics and plans and detailed finances over the first three years of your plan.

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Your marketing plan ensures that you develop the right products to attract the right customers with the correct marketing and is key to your success. Every business owner needs to develop great marketing ideas and strategy - even just to survive. By following our marketing principals you too can do the same and gain more customers.

Business Plans for Small Business Owners

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